Holiday Guys


DECEMBER 18-31, 2012

Join Broadway stars Marc Kudisch and Jeffry Denman in the new variety entertainment, The Holiday Guys in Happy Merry Hanu-Mas. Whether you celebrate Hanukkah or Christmas you'll enjoy Kudisch and Denman, the self-proclaimed Holiday Guys, who bring their unique sound and irreverent point of view to one of the most infectious and joyful holiday concerts you'll ever experience. With a “Smothers Brothers-like folksiness,” (TheaterMania) the Holiday Guys will remind you of what the holidays are really about in a hilarious, fun-filled 80 minutes of song and cheer.


 "YOU'D HAVE TO BE A TOTAL SCROOGE NOT TO ADORE SONG-AND-DANCE MEN MARC KUDISCH AND JEFFRY DENMAN'S IRREVERENT HOLIDAY REVUE… The mirth in the show's first five seconds sustains itself for a remarkably consistent 85 minutes, not counting encores! The toe-tapping, ivory-tickling, string-strumming, bongo-pounding, carol-singing, tallis-wearing, schmaltz-ladling duo of THE HOLIDAY GUYS MAY BE JOKESTERS, BUT THEY'RE NOT KIDDING AROUND!!"
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"IT'S FUN! IT'S FESTIVE! ...Kudisch and Denman are serving up a pretty special gift this season! ...YOU'LL BE LAUGHING RIGHT ALONG WITH THE GUYS!"
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"A SEASON-SATIONAL DELIGHT! TOP TALENT IS THE MOST THRILLING THEATRICAL PRESENT THERE IS, and given how much of it they display in their show, Jeffry Denman and Marc Kudisch might as well complete their costumes by putting big red bows on their head!"
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"A DELIGHTFULLY SILLY, SONG AND DANCE FILLED GOOD TIME at the York Theatre! Kudisch and Denman are consummate entertainers who clearly love being on stage! I CAN'T THINK OF A BETTER HOLIDAY TREAT than a ticket to Happy Merry Hanu-Mas at the York where every seat is a good seat!"
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