Storyville Poster

Book by Ed Bullins
Music and Lyrics by Mildred Kayden
Choreography by Mercedes Ellington
Music Direction by William Foster McDaniel
Directed by Bill Castellino

Featuring two-time Tony Award® nominee Ernestine Jackson, D.C. Anderson, Cory Bretsch, Karen Burthwright, Kyle Robert Carter, Dameka Hayes, Michael Leonard James, Leajato Robinson, Clifton Samuels, Christopher Spaulding, Carl Wallnau, Debra WaltonNaTasha Yvette Williams and Zakiya Young

New Orleans, 1917: Something happened that helped change America’s music forever.

The time, Mardi Gras; the place, Storyville – the red light district, two blocks from the French Quarter.  Saloons, gambling joints, brothels and pervasive political corruption set the scene for a new kind of music.  People fell in love, a world disappeared and the music moved upriver.