Tuesdays with Troy returns for a three episode series in Summer 2023,
with York Theatre favorite Charles Troy hosting virtual programs
exploring American musical theatre subjects from the 20th century.

Member Tickets are available for $10/episode or $25 for the entire series.
General Public Tickets are $15/ episode or $40 for the entire series.

Following their premiere dates, all episodes will be available to stream until August 8, 2023.

July 11, 7pm ET:

The Creation of She Loves Me

This secret treasure of a show from 1963 is the perfect musical: perfectly integrating dialogue and song, perfectly balancing the traditions of musical comedy and operetta; perfectly combining head and heart... and perfectly charming! See and hear how this classic was adapted from its source, the wonderful 1940 Ernst Lubitsch-Jimmy Stewart film The Shop Around the Corner.

July 25, 7pm ET:

The creation of cabaret

This 1966 landmark show was the first successful American concept musical. We'll define the term and demonstrate how producer-director Harold Prince led his writers into uncharted musical theatre territory as they created a new kind of musical. And then we'll see how producer Cy Fever and director Bob Fosse perfected Prince's work in their extraordinary film version six years later.

august 1, 7pm et:

The creation of chicago

This 1975 musical was shaped by its director, Chicago native Bob Fosse. The show was subtitled "A Musical Vaudeville" because many of the numbers in the memorable score were pastiches of a particular vaudeville performer or type of act. You'll hear the historic originals, then the songs they inspired. On the way, you'll learn a lot about the city of Chicago in the 1920s, and about Maurine Watkins, the enigmatic author of the 1926 play on which the musical is based.