Carmelina (Lerner/Lane/Lerner & Harman/Stein)

The Day Before Spring (Lerner/Loewe)

Lolita, My Love (Lerner/Barry/
Edited: Haagensen)


Hallelujah, Baby! (Styne/Comden & Green/Laurents)

Bar Mitzvah Boy (Styne/Black/Rosenthal/New Book: Thompson)

Subways Are for Sleeping (Styne/Comden & Green)


Jerry's Girls (Herman/Alford/Cilento)


Milk and Honey (Appell/Herman)

Berlin to Broadway with Kurt Weill (Weill/Lerner/Anderson)

Dear World (Lawrence/Lee/Herman)

winter 2016


100th Mufti Concert Celebration

FALL 2014

Big, The Musical (Shire/Maltby Jr./Weidman)

A Time for Singing (Morris/Freedman)

Saturday Night (Sondheim/Epstein)

My Favorite Year (Flaherty/Ahrens/Dougherty)

winter 2014

A World to Win (Baker/Bock/Harnick/Hochman/

Dragons (Harnick)

Malpractice Makes Perfect (Harnick)

Smiling, The Boy Fell Dead (Baker/Harnick/Wallach)

Tenderloin (Bock/Harnick/Abbott/Weidman)

winter 2013

Two by Two (Rodgers/Charnin/Stone)

Hollywood Pinafore (Sullivan/Kaufman)

Happy Hunting (Karr/Dubey/Lindsay)

Silk Stockings (Porter/Kaufman)

spring 2012

The Show Goes On (Jones/Schmidt)

Roadside (Jones/Schmidt)

Harold and Maude (Jones/Thalken)

Colette Collage (Jones/Schmidt)

The Game of Love (Jones/Offenbach)


I'm Getting My Act Together & Taking it On the Road (Cryer/Ford)

Still Getting My Act Together (Cryer/Ford)

Oh, Coward! (Coward)

The Mad Show (Hart/Barer/Siegel/Vinaver/Rodgers)

The Housewives' Cantata (Spektor/Siegel)

Tomfoolery (Lehrer)

fall 2010

Coco (Lerner/Previn)

The Roar of the Greasepaint... (Bricusse/Newly)

I Remember Mama (Rodgers/Charnin/Meehan)

I Love My Wife (Stewart/Coleman)

spring 2009

The Grand Tour (Herman/Stewart)

High Spirits (Martin/Gray)

Knickerbocker Holiday (Weill/Anderson)

summer 2008

Minnie’s Boys (Grossman/Hackady/Marx/Fisher)

Grind (Grossman/Fitzhugh/Kanin/Rouse)

Goodtime Charley (Grossman/Hackady/Michaels)

fall 2007

Zorba (Stein/Kander/Ebb)

Enter Laughing: The Musical (Stein/Daniels)

The Body Beautiful (Stein/Glickman/Harnick/Bock)

The Baker's Wife (Schwartz/Stein)

Enter Laughing: The Musical (Stein/Daniels)

summer 2007

It’s A Bird…It’s A Plane… It’s Superman! (Strouse/Adams/Benton/Newman)

I & Albert (Strouse/Adams/Allen)

Bajour (Kinoy/Marks)

The Day Before Spring (Lerner/Loewe)

fall 2006

Take Me Along (Merrill/Stein & Russell)

Carmelina (Lane/Lerner/Lerner & Stein/Harman)

Plain and Fancy (Hague/Horwitt/Stein)

late fall 2005

Theda Bara and the Frontier Rabbi (Johnston/Hochhauser)

Miss Liberty (Berlin/Sherwood)

Mirette (Schmidt/Jones/Diggs)

fall 2005

I Can Get It For You Wholesale (Weidman/Rome)

The Great Big Radio Show! (Glassborow/McIvor)

Is There Life After High School? (Carnelia/Kindley)

spring 2005

God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater (Ashman/Menken)

Jamaica (Saidy/Harburg/Arlen/Book Adaptation: Hochhauser)

Darling of the Day (Styne/Harburg/Johnson/ Adaptation: Haagensen)

fall 2004

Henry, Sweet Henry (Merrill/Johnson)

Twenty Fingers, Twenty Toes (Danicker/Dansicker)

Greenwillow (Loesser/Samuels)

spring 2004

Best Foot Forward (Martin/Blane/Holm)

Fanny (Rome/Behrman/ Logan)

Weird Romance (Menken/Spencer/Brennert)

fall 2003

Oh, Boy! (Kern/Wodehouse/Bolton)

Lucky Stiff (Flaherty/Ahrens)

Man with a Load of Mischief (Clifton/Tarver)

winter 2003

The Grass Harp (Richardson/Elmslie

A Family Affair (Kander/Goldman)

Pacific 1860 (Coward)

fall 2002

Jumbo (Rodgers/Hart/Hecht/MacArthur)

How Now, Dow Jones (Bernstein/Leigh/Shulman)

New Girl In Town (Merrill/Abbott)

spring 2002

By Jupiter (Rodgers/Hart)

Androcles & The Lion (Rodgers/Stone)

Me & Juliet (Rodgers/Hammerstein II)

fall 2001

The Good Companions (Previn/Mercer/Harwood)

Cyrano (Lewis/Burgess)

Regina (Blitzstein)

winter 2001

Celebration (Schmidt/Jones)

Baker Street (Grudeff/Jessel/Coopersmith)

Carmen Jones (Bizet/Hammerstein II)

fall 2000

Rex (Rodgers/Harnick/Yellen)

Johnny Johnson (Weill/Green)

Hallelujah, Baby! (Styne/Comden/ Green/Laurents)

winter 2000

Kean (Wright/Forrest/Stone)

Wish You Were Here (Rome/Kober/Logan)

70, Girls, 70 (Kander/Ebb/Thompson/Martin)

fall 1999

The Girl Who Came to Supper (Coward/Kurnitz)

Destry Rides Again (Rome/Gershe)

Beggar’s Holiday (Ellington/Latouche/ Wasserman)

fall 1998

Darling of the Day (Styne/Harburg/Johnson/ Revisions: Haagensen/

Kelly (Charlap/Lawrence)

Billion Dollar Baby (Gould/Comden & Green)

fall 1997

Fade Out, Fade In (Styne/Comden/Green)

Her First Roman (Drake/After Shaw)

The Human Comedy (MacDermot/Dumaresq)

fall 1996

Harrigan ’n’ Hart (Showalter/Walker/Stewart)

Carmelina (Lane/Lerner/Lerner & Harman/Stein)

Oh, Captain! (Livingston & Evans/Morgan/Ferrer)

spring 1995

Onward Victoria (Hermann/Anker, Rosenberg)

Mata Hari (Thomas/Charnin/Coopersmith)

Golden Boy (Strouse/Adams/Lee)

spring 1994

The Grass Harp (Richardson/Elmslie)

A Doll’s Life (Grossman/Comden, Green)

Oh, Brother! (Valenti/Driver)