IASHM Poster Rough, 3-13-13

APRIL 29 — JUNE 9, 2013

A New Solo Musical
Written and Performed by Mark Nadler
Directed by David Schweizer

In his most personal and gripping show, I'm a Stranger Here Myself, internationally acclaimed and multi-award winning entertainer Mark Nadler explored the depths of the European expatriate experience. Using songs by German and French artists—Kurt Weill, Friedrich Hollaender, Lotte Lenya and Marlene Dietrich (to name a few)—who through their music express the declarations of identity, the resistance in the face of terror and the hopes for survival. Nadler examined the lives of these artists as well as those of ordinary German citizens caught up in one of the most intriguing periods of the Twentieth Century.

The Weimar Republic was the first democratically elected parliamentary government in German History and lasted from the end of World War I until Hitler’s rise to power. The music from this period reflects the unprecedented artistic and sexual freedom of this emotionally charged era. Mr. Nadler’s multilingual performances of songs that speak of yearning for deliverance are especially pungent in their evocation of European Jews and homosexuals, the luckiest of whom found refuge in America.