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I’ve immensely enjoyed my time in the York’s Training Program. Getting the opportunity to work with a composer is one I will treasure forever. Being able to create something new is exhilarating. Collaboration is an exciting part of theatre, and The York has created a program that exemplifies just that.


I think this program is really unique and a great way for up and coming performers like me to start making friends and connections in the industry. The opportunity to work on new material and be part of the collaborative process in writing new songs is not something that everyone gets to experience, and I think that’s really special.


Being a part of this program has been very eye opening. I had never truly given song writing a shot. Through this program and being taught by Christiana Cole, I've learned this is something I want to continue to focus on. I'm also so honored to have the chance to be able to work on a song that talks about something so close to my heart.


This program has been an absolute blast and a half! Working hands on with composers and lyricists has been such a wonderful, fun, and educational opportunity. A huge thanks to everyone involved with The York Theater and all the friends and connections I have made 🙂


It's absolutely a whole new experience for me to have this wonderful opportunity working with composers—getting to know how they think, construct, and approach their work. It is so thrilling for me to step into their composing world as a little part of it.


This program allowed me to not only understand more about the songwriting world, but it let me sing as me. Most songs that I sing, I have to cater my voice to the style and type of music. This program lets me sing without having to change anything about my voice.


As a young actor trying to figure out both the industry and myself as a performer, working with the York Musical Theatre Training Program has been a life altering experience. They inspire confidence and push you to be better. After a single rehearsal I discovered new things in a song that I had been working on for over a year. Getting to learn from teachers at this level has been a privilege not just because of their technical expertise but because of their wealth of contacts and intelligence about the business and how to carry yourself within it.


This program has given me so much more confidence in myself.  I have never had directors take such time and care in my personal development and connection to a song or scene.  After they broke down my song and asked me questions regarding my perspective on it, I felt a deeper and more personal tie to it. I realized that there were real events in my life that I could use as motivation for the song to give it more life. When I performed it again, I felt more intense emotions and that I had delivered a better, more vocally strong performance.  The song would never have gotten to that place without the York teachers pushing for me to be more introspective and to think of the song in my life (rather than the context of the show). Watching them direct others has been informative for me as well.  They create an environment where people feel safe to try out things that may not work, be completely honest about their stakes, and be emotionally vulnerable.  After leaving the York program, I have a new fire and drive to really work on my performance skills and take them more seriously.  I really don't believe that I would have had that without MTTP, so I thank them for that.


Michael Unger and The York Theatre Company have truly set me up for success. I got agent appointments, and have auditioned for numerous Broadway and touring productions, even months later, since being a part of the York Musical Theatre Training Program. This experience has a special place in my heart and I am eternally grateful for the two best weeks of my life thus far in New York City.


I attended both the high school and then college programs. I fell in love with the way the teachers approach preparing material. They taught me more in the cumulative five weeks I have spent working with him than I have ever learned from any other professionals in the industry I have worked with. Not only have they taught me so much about how to prepare and present material and how to start off on the right foot in this industry, but they also taught me how to love and respect my own personal talents rather than trying to fit into any kind of mold. I would not be the person or performer I am today without the York program. I cannot wait to come back!


Before working with York's MTTP program, I saw myself as just a singer. I didn't think I had it in me to act at all, and they showed me that I actually do. The directors, choreographers, and music directors were always looking out for me and everyone else in making sure that we looked and sounded amazing. I didn't think I'd like the song they chose for me at first, but after applying everything that they had taught me, it's probably the strongest musical theatre piece in my binder. I hope to work with them again soon, because it was one of the biggest moments in building my confidence as a performer. I was already comfortable with the stage, but they ended up showing me how to make it my home.